Today is the 276th day of the year and there have been 273 mass shootings in the U.S. so far. This is NOT okay!! Something has to CHANGE! I'm SO sick and tired of waking up to all this VIOLENCE! Here's the thing... If you're feeling sad or mad or angry enough to hurt others or yourself... Go and FUCKING get help! STOP all this HATE! Love doesn't seek anything. It's already complete. Go and figure it out. Love is soooo much easier! And ohhhh soooo much BETTER! My HEART goes out to all those victims and their families in Las Vegas. When are we gonna figure it out together and END all this chaos. Nobody wants to talk about it and it NEEDS to be talked about! We NEED gun-control. PERIOD. At what point are we going to come together as a human race and protect one another? Things are definitely skewed when Fake guns, light sabers and swords are illegal in Las Vegas and Lawn darts are illegal in America because they are deemed too dangerous... but AK-47s are okay?? 32 of them??? Come on Congress… Let's do this. Let's be KIND to one another and take CARE of each other. 💔  #stopNRA