One thing I have always hated more than anything else is... Hypocrisy. It's pretty much up there for me with LIARS, CHEATERS and NO MANNERS. I can't stand hypocrites. And sadly, that is EXACTLY what we are getting with this president. I don't care if you voted for him or not... Well, actually, at THIS point, I do! But if YOU cannot see by now that this president is a LIAR, a CHILD, a HYPOCRITE, a con-man and a RACIST... then you need to open your eyes. This president is the most un-presidential, unprofessional person we have EVER had in office. Every single thing that comes out of his mouth is a LIE and he doesn't even WANT to LEARN how to run this country! He is not CURIOUS at all and that drives me crazy! He insults my SOUL. He is a child who doesn't get his way and throws a tantrum. His entire administration are hypocrites and LIARS! I could go on and on, but I will simply leave it at this... I don't care about Republican or Democrat... I just want someone who can PROTECT us as a nation and take care of OUR well being. This president is NOT that.