Jewelry Care

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Kami Lerner jewelry is made by hand in Los Angeles, CA. I import and source my stones and beads from all around the world to create unique designs with flair and passion. Each and every stone and bead is different and will vary depending on natural pigmentations.

Please treat your jewelry with care. Do not pull on it or be too rough with it...and always take it off gently and carefully. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Care Instructions: Because most items are made with Gold Overlay or Gold Filled and NOT Solid Gold, never wear your jewelry in the water and keep away from damp areas, such as the bathroom or steam room.. .as this and other elements can lead to tarnishing.

Also, if you are getting one of the Wire Wrap Rings with a stone, please know that these are fragile rings, so please take that into consideration. Do not force on your finger if it does not fit, as the coil will shift and turn the stone.